Postcard Bars in Fun Milk Chocolate flavors

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Hailing from Ontario, Alicja Confections presents a chocolate bar you can send in the mail! Each bar is wrapped in beautifully designed packaging and makes such a sweet “thinkin’ of you, boo” gift. Just take it to any post office and ship it off for a few dollars, all around the world!

Available in:

  • Go Nuts Milk: 33.6% milk chocolate bar filled with powdered donut pieces.
  • Lemon Fresh White: 28% white chocolate with a zesty twist of lemon.
  • Tiger Butter Milk: 33.6% milk chocolate bar swirled with peanut butter chocolate.
  • Ramen Bowl Milk: Remember crushing up ramen noodles, and eating them dry as a kid? Do that and take a bite of chocolate! 33.6% milk chocolate bar.
  • Cereal and Milk White: 28% white chocolate filled with honey oat cereal and tons of freeze dried marshmallows
  • Crème Brûlée White: 28% white chocolate bar with vanilla bean, covered in raw organic sugar, and torched with fire.
Go Nuts Milk

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