Mirzam - Stunningly Delicious Emirati Chocolate

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Breathtaking and unparalleled, elegant and focused. From the splendid illustration on the wrapper to the simplicity of the bar’s form, to its fragrant expressions, to the flavors and textures, every moment with a Mirzam bar feels like poetry.

If you secretly love white chocolate, this is your coming out brand. Their white & milk chocolate bars are stunningly delicious, even for chocolate snobs who think they don't like anything lighter than 70%.


  • Coffee & Cardamom in 62% dark chocolate (dark blue wrapper),
    This cardamom kissed bar is like having a warm cup of sweetened coffee.
  • Kashmiri Chili in 62% dark chocolate (chili pepper print),
  • Dark milk with coconut (pink wrapper),
    The chocolate plays a supporting role, allowing the coconut to fully express itself.
  • Roasted cashews & jaggery sugar in white chocolate (jaguar print),
  • Puffed quinoa & date syrup 45% milk chocolate (black & white),
  • Alphonso mango in white chocolate (peach wrapper),
    Dreamy! Smooth and creamy white chocolate enhances all the pleasures of mango.
  • Rose & pistachio in white chocolate (pink flower print),
    Rich and light, this buttery bar brings to mind walking past a rose garden, sweet yogurt, melon and strawberries.
  • Dates & Fennel in 62% dark chocolate (green sailboat),
  • Orange blossom & Roasted almond in white chocolate (orange tiles)
    A charming crowd pleaser, this is the bar for anyone who has sworn off white chocolate.
Mirzam - Stunningly Delicious Emirati Chocolate

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