Guava & Passionfruit Jellies by Maui Fruit Jewels

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Exotic Fruit Jellies Flavors Required

Maui Fruit Jewels' Fruit Jellies is like divine fruit gummy candy for adults, made from Hawaii-grown fruits. Inspired by the traditional French confection “pates de fruits”, Maui Fruit Jewels uses fresh fruit bought directly from growers and are to be enjoyed in the same way chocolate bonbons are savored. Winner of silver sofi™ Awards from the Specialty Food Association.
Gluten-free and vegan.

Guava & Passionfruit Jellies by Maui Fruit Jewels

Product Reviews

Written by Holly sarasua on 12th Apr 2021

Maui fruit jellies

Very fruity and tart in a good way.

Written by Holly on 9th Apr 2021

Maui jellies

Sweet and fruity after the chocolate. A little tartness too.