Manoa - Hawaiian bean-to-bar chocolate

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Beautiful bean to bar chocolate grown & made in Hawaii! If we can't travel, Manoa's tropical flavors can teleport our palates. Their chocolates express the beautiful qualities found in the much loved Hawaiian landscape. 


  • Passion Fruit 50% Dark Milk Chocolate (Liliko-i),
  • Coconut Vegan Milk Chocolate (Haupia) (v),
  • Banana 70% Dark Chocolate (Mai'a) (v),
  • KoHana Rum 75% Dark Chocolate (v)
Manoa - Hawaiian bean-to-bar chocolate

Product Reviews

Written by Lara Walklet on 15th Oct 2020

Yes, this is the breakfast of my dreams.

I had planned to take a nibble. Just a taste to kick the 3 pm chocolate craving. The crisp crunch of this thin bar, topped with cacao nibs, was too irresistible to stop eating. The flavor was decidedly "dark" but not bitter as some dark chocolates can be. No nasty aftertaste - just so, so good. I can see why it would taste great with morning coffee or afternoon coffee. I bet their other flavors are good to, but I'm now not going to be satisfied until I get my hands on another one.