Filled bars - OMG, Peanut Butter & More by The Xocolate Bar

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We make decadent filled bars using organic, fair trade chocolate and all natural ingredients. If you're into candy bars but looking for something a bit healthier and tastier, these are for you.

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  • OMG Bar - honey roasted almonds & salted caramel in dark chocolate,
  • Crunchy peanut butter bar (v) in dark chocolate,
  • Caramallow - caramel marshmallow bar in dark chocolate,
  • Marzipan - housemade organic marzipan (v) in dark chocolate,
Filled bars - OMG, Peanut Butter & More by The Xocolate Bar

Product Reviews

Written by Stephanie on 30th May 2021

This is d-i-v-i-n-e

It's a good thing this has to be shipped to me or I'd eat them all. They're chunky bars filled with peanut butter and peanuts. This lasted one minute after we opened the box. Yummo!!

Written by Vicki Autumn on 18th Mar 2021

PB/ chocolate heaven

The chocolate peanut butter bars are a little expensive for my budget, so when I get one to give as a gift, I treat myself to ine, too. Melt in the mouth delicious. Perfect taste and texture. And I always feel good buying from the Xocolate Bar. Supporting a family business and knowing the products are ethically sourced.

Written by Debra on 16th Feb 2021


Love the OMG Bars. They’re the best.

Written by Denise on 23rd Dec 2020

Omg bars - always amazing

The OMG bars are a huge favorite in our house. I indulge myself, my teen “misplaces”them in his room, and I find only a wrapper remaining. Mysterious how they disappear over and again! The caramel is not cloying, chocolate is smooth with a good contrast in texture and mouth feel, and then that ping of sea salt.

Written by Linda on 14th Nov 2020

Xocolate Bars - OMG, Peanut Butter, etc.

Excellent chocolate bars made by the Xocolate Shop. I would compare them to a candy bar, but their version is far above that. They're really like large handmade chocolates based primarily on flavor, rather than primarily on sweet. My most frequently bought is the OMG, but really they are uniformly good. Worth a stop.

Written by Merle Bachman on 15th Jul 2020


I ADORE the chocolate from The Xocolate Bar. If I could afford it, I would just send them money every month to mail me 4 or 5 of their MOST delicious confections -- their OMG bars. I mean: O M G. Even mailed from Berkeley to Bloomington (Indiana), they arrived tasting intensely fresh and deeply darkly chocolate (The Best). I also love the marzipan and rocky road bars.... they are all strictly OMG. !!!!!!!!!

Written by Raelene on 14th Jul 2020

Must try!

These bars are absolutely decadent! The OMG is my favorite, but they are all scrumptious! I love to give these to friends if they are having a rough day or just need a little mood boost. There is really nothing quite like this anywhere else.

Written by ZZ on 23rd May 2020

OMG bars!

I love love love the OMG bars. I can't wait to try the peanut butter. I got the marzipan and the rocky road. The rocky road was amazing. The house made marshmallow is nothing like the big chain candy bars. I am not going back to the other candy bars.

Written by Windi Heaton on 13th May 2020

OMG Bar - honey roasted almonds & salted caramel in dark chocolate

The OMG Bar - honey roasted almonds & salted caramel in dark chocolate is super yummy. It's a big treat. I like a more firm caramel and this is perfect, sweet salty with a little crunch from the almonds. Then the dark chocolate is simply delicious. Highly recommended.