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Custom Design Chocolates

Are you looking to have your logo printed onto bonbons? Or for a solid chocolate in a specific shape? Here are some starting points.

For custom printed bonbons we will need transfer sheets. We recommend Chefrubber.com or Chocotransfersheets.com. Once we have the transfer sheets in hand, turnaround time for the bonbons is approximately 2 weeks. 

For a custom shaped chocolate we will need molds. We require 1 cavity for every 4 impressions. For small production runs we recommend Customcandymolds.com. For large production runs we recommend Tomric.com. Custom moldmaking is a costly process. It is always more economical to find a readymade mold. For a large catalogue of existing designs, we recommend Countrykitchensa.com (hobby grade) or Chocolat-chocolat.com (professional grade). Once we have the molds in hand, turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks.

When you have decided on the direction you want to go, please email contact@thexocolatebar.com to get current pricing.

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