Infused Cubes for Instant Cocktails - Herb & Lou's

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Herb and Lou's infused cubes are a careful concoction of some of the best-sourced ingredients in the world. That means grade A cocktails with nothing but a shake and a stir. 

Simply freeze a box of Herb & Lou's Infused Cubes. When you're ready for a drink, peel back the foil and pop out a cube. Drop the cube right into your spirit of choice or shake everything together to mix it up fast. All natural and low calorie.

  • The Cecile (teal)- Add Tequila for a Cucumber & Watermelon Margarita with honey & thyme,
  • The Seymour (lime green) - Add Rum for a Meyer Lemon Daiquiri with Bergamot, Chamomile & Vanilla,
  • The Oliver (orange) - Add Gin for an Unclassic Negroni with Wormwood Extract
Infused Cubes for Instant Cocktails - Herb & Lou's

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