Confection Jars/Boxes by The Xocolate Bar

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UPDATE: 2020 has struck again! We have been unable to restock the glass jars so we are now packing these in silver boxes. Same quantity as before (4.5 oz). Delicious panned confections made with fair trade chocolate & all natural ingredients.

Vegan options marked with a (v)

  • Milk Chocolate Ba-da-bing Cherries,
  • Milk Chocolate Butter Toffee Almonds,
  • Milk Chocolate Coconut Toffee Macademias,
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Cashews (v),
  • Dark Chocolate Maple Bourbon Hazelnuts (v)
Confection Jars/Boxes by The Xocolate Bar

Product Reviews

Written by Raelene on 14th Jul 2020


I recently tried the almond and cherry varieties and was not disappointed. The jars are just the right size and motivate me to slow down and savor. I find that I am more satisfied with small amounts of quality chocolate, and these little gems are just perfect.

Written by ZZ on 23rd May 2020

Treats in Jars

I got the hazelnut, the almonds, and the cherries. The hazelnuts are very flavorful. I liked the almonds the best because of the crunchy toffee shell. So so tasty and fresh!