​Decolonizing Chocolate: First Shipment

​Decolonizing Chocolate: First Shipment

I am excited to introduce you to our first wave of decolonized craft chocolate. What does that mean? In the simplest terms it means that these bars are made where they are grown. Why is this important? Check out the Bitter Chocolate episode of Rotten on Netflix for a primer on the issue. Chocolate is one of the most structurally racist and inequitable industries on Earth and these companies are disrupting that status quo.

At the Xocolate Bar, we like to help the good grow. The “beyond fair trade” chocolate brands that we are introducing make world class chocolate that truly celebrates terroir. By investing in bean to bar production at the countries of origin, they uplift local communities through sustainable development and high quality jobs. I consider them to be the chocolate equivalent of what Dr. Sylvia Earle calls “hope spots.” Lord knows we all need hope right now.

Without further ado, here is the first wave of arrivals:

From Madagascar, MIA (70%, 100%, Salted Baobob)

From Brazil, Luisa Abram (Rio Toncantins Wild Cocoa 70%, Rio Jurua Wild Cocoa 81%, Dark Chocolate with Cupuacu)

From Mexico, Cuna de Piedra (Chiapas Mezcal Joven 73%, Tabasco with Hibiscus 73%, Chiapas 85%)

From the Philippines, Auro (Saloy 70%, Saloy 100%, 32% White Chocolate Moringa Pinipig)

From Peru, Marana (San Martin 70%, San Martin 80%, Cusco 100%)