100% Dark Chocolate by Auro (v)

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Auro - 100% Dark Chocolate Saloy Single Variety-Reserve 2018 Limited Edition

Passionately crafted from the finest beans of a single harvest. This bold bar is full of dynamic notes..herbs, bergamot & cherries. At 100% this sugar-free option is also perfect for baking and cooking rich simmer sauces. Naturally Vegan

Winner of 2019’s Top 20 Best Cacao Beans in the World Award, Auro buys cacao at a higher price directly from farmers, while also restoring heirloom varieties. Their thoughtful approach to all levels of chocolate production translates to a nuanced and sophisticated chocolate bar. Made from bean to bar in Laguna, Philippines.

Auro - 100% Dark Chocolate Regalo Single Variety-Reserve 2018 Limited Edition Bean-to-Bar Fine Sugar Free Chocolate from the Philippines

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