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Welcome to The Xocolate Bar, your source for ethical chocolates from Berkeley and beyond. Since 2008, we’ve made organic, fair trade chocolates in house. We also curate the best craft chocolates and confections from around the world.

What is ethical chocolate?

80% of mass produced chocolate is made from Ivory Coast cacao. This origin is famous for using child slave labor on cacao farms. The chocolate we use is certified Fair Trade, and it comes from Central America, South America and the Carribean. This means that farmers are treated fairly and paid above market price for a higher quality product. The brands we carry are also fair trade or direct trade. No slave trade chocolate is allowed at The Xocolate Bar.

We also believe in supporting organic agriculture to promote healthy ecosystems and preserve biodiversity. The chocolate we use is certified organic and we use organic ingredients in our recipes whenever possible. The brands we carry also prioritize environmental sustainability.


About the Chocolatiers


Malena Lopez-Maggi and Clive Brown are artists and chocolatiers. Inspired by California foodie culture and the sensuality of chocolate, the duo launched The Xocolate Bar in 2006. At the 2007 San Francisco International Chocolate Salon, they took home 5 awards including Best in Show. 

How did they get into chocolate? Click here for the story.

You can find Malena's artwork here.


Brands We Carry

In addition to our house-made confections, we carry a carefully chosen selection of chocolates from other makers. In order to make it onto our shelves, these chocolates have to be not only delicious, but made with sustainably grown and ethically sourced cacao. They also have to be beautifully packaged for gift giving. We are proud to carry these brands and more:


Looking for client gifts that align with your company's values? Our organic, fair trade chocolates are guaranteed to please. We are happy to help you put together a chocolate gift program that fits your budget. Please send us an email describing your business to get the conversation started. Contact@thexocolatebar.com